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On 12.06.2013 a group of students from class 2e together with Ms. E. Filipowska paid a visit to the Krakow Opera, where they watched Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “The Troubadour”.

The trip to the opera was organized by Ms. Beata Fijał and Ms. Elżbieta Filipowska within the Comenius project.




On 22.04.2013 our school hosted professor Kazimierz Korus from the Jagiellonian University who gave an interesting lecture on Athenian democracy in Greek semantics. Professor focused on the basic terms in democracy, like freedom (eleutheria), equality (ison) and truth (aletheia).The lecture was interlaced with exquisite anecdotes and references to the contemporary reality.


Professor Korus is an outstanding scholar, an expert on Plutarch from Chaeronea (Ancient Greek writer and philosopher), the editor of a series of scientific essays “Sources of European Humanistics” and the author of the coursebook for learning Greek “Hellenike glotta”.



On our school corridor walls you can watch an exhibition displaying the priceless heritage of Ancient Europe – Roman law (Ius Romanorum).


Such Roman sentences as : Dura lex, sed lex ( The law is harsh, but it is the law ), Audiatur et altera pars! (Let us hear the opposite side) or Ignorantia iuris neminem excusat ( Ignorance of the law excuses no one) have become the rules which are applied not only in Europe, but all over the world.


Legislation and administration of contemporary states is based on the rules established by Ancient legislators. We recommend this exhibition not only to the future students of Law, but first of all, to all students of our school. As we already know Ignorance of the law excuses no one.



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